Exploring diaspora, identity, and empowerment: A conversation with Nidhi Thakur

The author's book describes the contrasting journeys of immigrants

Nidhi Thakur / Supplied

Twenty-five years ago, Author Nidhi Thakur took her first flight, crossing seven seas to chase her dreams. As empowered and aware of the challenges ahead, she went on to build a life for herself in a foreign land.

She vividly remembers what it was like to call home back then with a $5 scratch card with merely 20 minutes of talk time, how her loneliness brought her closer to her culture and identity. When she realized her experiences were quite universal, she transformed them into a book that resonated with Indian-Americans nationwide. 

Read on as author Nidhi Thakur narrates her journey of exploring diaspora, identity, writing, and empowerment in an exclusive interview with New India Abroad!

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