Gurdwara Nanaksar

  • 6834 Satsuma Dr


It was 1985 when Parm Poojniya Baba Jee first stepped on this land of opportunities. Poojniya Baba Jee was visiting Winnipeg and had accepted an invitation from Sangat to come to Chicago for few days. Baba Jee drove from Winnipeg to Chicago with few Ragiis (Monks), stayed in Chicago for about ten days, and drove back to Winnipeg. As the Sangat in America learnt about this event, there were more requests sent to Baba Jee to visit USA again. However, at one occasion, during that time US embassy gave a little hard time to issue him Visa. Then Baba Jee said that he will never go again to the American embassy to apply for Visa. American Sangat then put in lot of efforts and got Baba Jee the Visa to visit USA, without him personally going to US embassy. It was in 1986 the Baba Jee came to New York and stayed there for few days. From here, he went to Chicago, then to California and finally to Houston. At this point, Sangat in Houston asked Baba Jee to build a Gurdwara in Houston (Texas). Baba Jee agreed and for next few days drove around the town and finally settled for the present location on Satsuma Drive. With in few months, four Ragiis reached Houston and started the Kirtan with full Maryada. It was January of 1987, when Baba Jee came again to Houston. Preparations were being made to do the ground-breaking ceremony before Baba Jee goes back. However, it was raining non-stop for few days but finally just a day before the scheduled departure, the foundation stone for the current Gurdwara was laid down by Poojniya Baba Jee. The Gurdwara was built with lightning speed and within five months in June 1987, the inauguration of Gurdwara took place. Since then with Poojniya Baba Jee’s grace, Gurdwara building has seen lots of improvements, two additional plots were purchased and number of Houston Sangat has been increasing since then. Pooranmashi is celebrated at this Gurdwara every month in the evening. The Sangat from far and near attend the Bhog of Sri Sampat Akhand Path of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee followed by Katha & Kirtan.


6834 Satsuma Dr








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