Bombay Lounge Bar and Grill

  • 24 Aug 2023
  •   05:08 AM
  • Suite C 201 Johns Creek, GA 30005

Bombay is a unique city that leaves a visitor mesmerized with a myriad of experiences. It is a happening place that embraces people from all walks of life and has to offer a reason to smile to each and every one. It is bustling with a cosmopolitan outlook on one hand and yet retains its deep-rooted values, culture and cuisine.

At Bombay Lounge, we have set out to create a unique experience to our guests. The place welcomes you with its warmth; offers a fine ambience; nurtures your palate with the many culinary delights and leaves you with pleasant memories. We want you to relax and enjoy precious moments of togetherness with your friends, family or business associates.

We have ensured that we meet needs of every discerning guest in terms of offering a delectable range of food and drinks. We believe what we offer will be a perfect accompaniment for your rendezvous be it an informal get together of friends; a cozy meal with family or a relaxed outing with business partners after a grueling day at work.

Bombay is known as “City of Dreams”. We dream to provide you with an excellent choice to entertain in a classy ambience marked with the spirit and soul of the pulsating city that Bombay is.