Trophy Point(Private Real Estate Lending)

  • 24 Aug 2023
  • 05:08 AM
  • NY 14219


Trophy Point

Private Real Estate Lending

Fixed Income Offering: earn up to 10% annualized (paid quarterly) backed by strong real estate collateral.

Our Philosophy: Defense Wins Championships

Trophy Point Investment is a direct real estate-backed investment fund specializing in providing first-position loans to military-affiliated professional real estate operators.

This fund lends on short-term, asset-backed deals with high credit/character borrowers.

We have a rigorous underwriting procedure to ensure that loans are only granted to high-quality borrowers.

 Fund Name  Trophy Point Investment Group LLC (Atlanta, GA)
 Fund Investor Offering  LLC - Fixed-Rate/Income Debenture Notes offered to Investors
 Private Placement: Reg D, 506c offering
 Fund Purpose  Generate higher yield via private real estate, secured loans to military-affiliated persons on fix & flip or buy-rent-refinance strategies on single-family and multifamily assets at 6-9  month terms.
 Track Record (Inception Aug 2020)  36 months: $87.2 million lent across 430 loans as of June 2023
 Currently 0% historical default rate
 Currently 100% on-time payment history
 Fund Size  $42.2 million / 205 active loans as of June 2023
 Partner’s Equity (we take first loss on all loans before   investors do)  $4.1 million
 Risk Profile
  • Investor funds are pooled and not tied to any single loan performance
  • All loans made are first position/senior secured and carry personal guarantee
  • Loans typically made at 65-70% Loan to Value of secured asset
  • Loans are short term: 6–9-month terms; typically interest only
  • Small average loan size: $100-$250K
  • Lending in SE USA & foreclosure friendly states (can foreclose within 90 days).
 Investor Security  Debenture Note on all assets (the loans) of LLC; all investors equal in seniority
 Fund Term  LLC evergreen, Investor Debenture Note is 60 months
 Redemptions  Lock up for first 12 months, 90-day redemption notice thereafter
 Interest Distribution Frequency  Quarterly
 Note Fixed Rate Yields (based on investment amount) 10%: $250,000+
 8.0%: $50-$249,999
 7.0%: $25,000-$49,999
 Tax Treatment  Investors receive 1099-INT
 IRA Investment Option  Yes
 Option to auto- invest/compound  Yes, on a quarterly basis
 Must be accredited  Up to 35 Non-Accredited Investors allowed
 Reporting Frequency  Quarterly with monthly supplemental updates
 Distributions Start  Upoon Investing
 Contact Info:  Samir Patel, Managing Partner


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