US Embassy announces new policy for specific student visas

The Embassy announced the policy change for all applicants for F, M, and J student visas to prevent fraud and abuse of the appointment system

The US Embassy in India has enacted a new policy for all applicants for F, M, and J student visas. According to the new rules that will be effective on November 27, 2023  at consulates in Hyderabad and other cities throughout the nation, applicants must make sure that the passport information they provide matches the details on their actual passport when creating profiles and making appointments. 

Visa Application Centers (VACs) will closely scrutinize the accuracy of passport information, and any inconsistencies will result in appointment cancellation and the loss of the visa application fee, the mission informed in a statement.

Those who unintentionally created a profile or scheduled an appointment with the incorrect passport number must make the necessary changes as soon as possible. This entails creating a new profile with accurate passport information. 

According to the statement, the purpose of this policy modification is to improve security protocols and ensure the legitimacy of the visa application procedure. Applicants were strongly advised to thoroughly read the new policy guidelines and confirm the authenticity of their passport information before creating profiles or scheduling appointments.

“An applicant who has recently renewed their passport, or obtained a new passport after the old passport was lost or stolen, may bring a photocopy or other evidence of the old passport number and they will be allowed to proceed with their appointment,” the embassy announced.

Furthermore, the US embassy in Hyderabad has provided a list of objects that are strictly prohibited on diplomatic grounds. Cell phones, battery-powered electronic devices, various types of luggage, food and drink items, cosmetics, sealed envelopes or parcels, flammable goods, sharp objects, weapons, long-handled umbrellas, and powders of any kind (including religious spices or powders) are among the items on the list.