Trudeau praises 'To Kill a Tiger' for bold narrative

The film by an Indo-Canadian filmmaker has been nominated for a Oscar

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau(Left) with Filmmaker Nisha Pahuja(Right) / X-@JustinTrudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has applauded a Oscar -nominated documentary by Indo-Canadian filmmaker Nisha Pahuja for its bold stance against sexual violence.

Released in 2022, “To Kill a Tiger” is set in India and revolves around a family in Jharkhand, who seek justice following the brutal rape of their teenage daughter.

Trudeau commended the film for its courageous storytelling and unwavering commitment to justice for women and girls. He acknowledged the film's potent message that, even in the face of a status quo that denies justice to women, sexual violence must never go unpunished.

"As you continue to share this message with people around the world, we're rooting for you at the #Oscars," Trudeau tweeted in support of the film and Pahuja ahead of the Oscars.

The Prime Minister’s tweet amplifies the importance of addressing the issue of rape and gender violence and discrimination on a global scale, emphasizing the need for collective action and awareness. It adds weight to the impact of "To Kill a Tiger," encouraging a broader audience to engage with and reflect upon the critical issues the documentary addresses.

The documentary premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10, 2022, and later made its American debut at the Lighthouse International Film Festival in June 2023. Notably, the film earned a nomination for the Best Documentary Feature Award at the 96th Academy Awards, underlining its recognition and acclaim in the cinematic world.

Born in 1967, Nisha Pahuja, an Indian-born Canadian filmmaker, currently resides in Toronto, Ontario. Pahuja's diverse filmography encompasses the Emmy-nominated "The World Before Her," the feature documentary "Bollywood Bound," and the three-part series "Diamond Road.