Ministry of Culture launches ‘Mera Gaon Meri Dharohar’

The Cultural Mapping Project aims to digitally map the cultural tapestry of all villages.

All of 640k Indian villages will be accessible digitally soon / X - @CSEegov_

The Ministry of Culture has launched the ‘Mera Gaon Meri Dharohar’ (MGMD) project, as part of the National Mission on Cultural Mapping in 2023. 

This initiative, which aims to digitally map the cultural tapestry of India’s 640K villages, was set up under the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA). 

Catering to the diversity of India, the MGMD project documented and uploaded data from approximately 420K villages as of yet, an official statement from the Ministry said.

The official platform not only provides vital geographical and demographic profiles but also showcases short videos capturing the cultural essence of 750 villages. By identifying and documenting India’s cultural heritage, the project strives to uplift rural economies and foster self-reliance. 

Objectives of the Project 

The project’s objectives include identifying and documenting cultural heritage, creating awareness about the nexus between cultural identity and development, and the mapping of creative capitals in each village.

Additionally, the MGMD project aims to establish National Registers of Artists and Art Practices, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of India’s artistic landscape. A dedicated web portal and mobile app, serving as the National Cultural Workplace (NCWP), further enhance accessibility and engagement.

Expectations and Outcomes

The MGMD project hopes for heightened cultural vibrancy through awareness campaigns. It endeavors to safeguard cultural heritage and traditions, reviving endangered art forms and practices. 

The initiative also seeks to provide a national platform for artists, linking them with government schemes, grants, pensions, health cards, and other welfare programs. Moreover, artists are connected with e-commerce platforms, ensuring direct benefits for their creative endeavors.