“India has gained respect from all over the world,” says oncologist Dr Bharat Barai

The Indian-American doctor praised India's progress under PM Narendra Modi while affirming the strength of Indian democracy.

Dr Bharat Barai during an interview with New India Abroad. / Courtesy Photo

Indian-American oncologist Bharat Barai on May.12 said that India has “done tremendous things to help itself, and as a result of it, gained respect from all over the world”.

Talking about India’s global position, the Chicago-based doctor said: “India is exporting food grains. When a crisis happened because of the Ukraine war, India was able to supply food grains to the rest of the world. Not only that, during the Covid-19 crisis, if my numbers are correct, 80 million people in India are getting free food ration because they're below the level of poverty.”

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