Deblina Sarkar receives Nano Research Young Innovators Award

Sarkar is among only four female researchers globally honored in 2023.

Indian-origin professor Deblina Sarkar awarded Nano Research Young Innovators Award / Wikipedia

Indian-origin professor Deblina Sarkar has been awarded the prestigious Nano Research Young Innovators Award for her ground-breaking contributions in the realm of bio-inspired nanomaterials. 

Among the only four female researchers globally honored in 2023, Sarkar’s accolade underscores her exceptional potential to shape the field of nanotechnology,  according to a statement by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

An assistant professor at MIT, Sarkar’s research transcends disciplinary boundaries, seamlessly integrating engineering, applied physics, and biology to push the frontiers of nanotechnology. 

Her innovative efforts are directed toward addressing two critical domains: sustainable artificial intelligence (AI) and the fusion of nanotechnology with biology.

As the head of the Nano-Cybernetic Biotrek (NCB) research group at MIT’s Media Lab, Sarkar’s work encompasses pioneering advancements in sustainable AI and nanomachine bio-hybrids. 

Her vision extends to leveraging quantum devices, spintronics, and neuromorphic technologies to revolutionize nanoelectronic devices, fostering extreme energy efficiency and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions while sustaining AI growth.

Her PhD dissertation earned recognition as one of the top three dissertations across the USA and Canada in mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering, MIT’s statement noted.

With Sarkar at the helm, the NCB research group has garnered widespread acclaim, achieving a perfect impact score from the NIH and receiving esteemed accolades such as the MIND Prize and The Distinguished Scientist Award.

“Sarkar’s visionary leadership underscores her commitment to addressing humanity’s most pressing challenges through transformative nano-electronic devices, poised to revolutionize energy consumption, mitigate greenhouse gases, and transcend biological limitations, exemplifying the ethos of NCB’s research endeavors,” the statement highlighted.

Nano Research launched its Young Innovators (NR45) Awards in 2018 to recognize young researchers under the age of 45 in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology.