Clinton and Obama join Biden for fundraising bash

The campaign reported raising more than US$25 million, with over 5,000 people in attendance

President Joe Biden, alongside his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama, joined forces with former President Bill Clinton on Mar. 28 to headline a star-studded fundraiser /

President Joe Biden, along with his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama, teamed up with former President Bill Clinton on March 28 to lead a star-studded fundraiser. The event took place at the iconic Radio City Music Hall in New York City. A rare get together  featuring three out of the four living Democratic presidents occurred. The oldest among them, 99-year-old Jimmy Carter, is currently under hospice care.

Biden, who arrived with Obama on Air Force One, and Clinton engaged in a discussion moderated by "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert. Outside the venue, a group of protesters demonstrated against Israel's conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

The fundraiser showcased performances by musicians Queen Latifah, Lizzo, Ben Platt, Cynthia Erivo, and Lea Michele. Attendees who paid a premium had the opportunity to have their pictures taken with the three presidents by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. Contributions were variously quoted to be between 250 and one half million dollars.

Despite concerns about Biden's age and fitness for a second term, recent polls show his approval rating at 40 percent, with a tight race against Trump, 77, ahead of the Nov. 5 election. The campaign reported raising more than US$25 million, with over 5,000 people in attendance.

The event was not televised, but clips will be posted on social media.

Small-dollar donors contributed US$25 to participate in a separate virtual event with Obama, Biden, and Clinton.

White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre emphasized the importance of the three leaders' unity, sayting, "President Obama and President Clinton strongly support President Biden's leadership and obviously his agenda."

Campaign co-chair Jeffrey Katzenberg celebrated the event as a "massive show of force" and a reflection of the momentum to reelect the Biden-Harris ticket. Biden's reelection effort raised more than US$53 million in February and US$10 million in the 24 hours following his Mar. 7 address to Congress. He has consistently outraised Trump in both large and small donations.