Big stick or rapier? Regulation with finesse is still a learning game in India

India invests in creating ‘Sovereign’ AI models

Representative Image / MeitY

Readers, who are old enough to have read or watched the gangster novels and Hollywood  movies in their heydays – the 1970s and 80s—like “The Godfather” or” Scarface” or “The Untouchables,” will recall that there were two distinct schools of thought about the best weapon to  take on an enemy:

There was the Chicago School, which believed in the sheer blasting  power of a shotgun or a Thompson submachine gun which was nicknamed a Chicago Piano. 

And then there was the Sicilian School, which put its trust in a thin blade like a stiletto, which did the job, silently. There was the famous real-life incident on a London Street in 1978, when a Bulgarian dissident was assassinated, by someone poking him in the leg with a poison needle-tipped umbrella.

These macabre recollections were triggered this month by   some regulatory wrinkles in India that have international ramifications.

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