I believe that the people of India have voted wisely, says Sikhs of America leader

In an interaction with New India Abroad, Jasdip Jesse Singh commended the integrity of India's democratic processes.

Jasdip Jesse Singh. / Courtesy Photo

Days after the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) won the general elections, Indian-American businessman Jasdip Jesse Singh, leader of Sikhs of America, said that the people in India have voted wisely.

“They [Indians] have sent a strong message to the Modi government,” Singh said. “Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the new coalition government will work very well for India.” 

Singh highlighted that despite initial skepticism from Western media about the integrity of India's democratic processes, the election results have effectively dispelled such doubts. “Democracy has triumphed in India, and the people of India have shown the world that democracy is alive in India. This is despite what the Western media was saying about India,” he added. 

“It was also said that people were being oppressed in India, but this has been rejected by the people of India. They have shown that they will vote not just based on religious issues like the Ram Temple, but by considering the whole picture of India,” Singh said. “I believe this is a victory for the people of India and for democracy. The image that was being created in the West has been proven wrong.”

In response to a question regarding Punjab, Singh remarked that the elections have effectively debunked allegations of human rights violations and restrictions on freedom. Highlighting the inclusiveness of India's democratic framework, he mentioned that Amritpal Singh, a radical pro-Khalistan separatist, participated and won the poll from jail. Additionally, Singh noted that the son of Beant Singh, who assassinated Indira Gandhi, also contested and emerged victorious.

“Amritpal Singh, who is in Dibrugarh jail and once demanded a separate state, contested and won elections under the Indian Constitution. Similarly, the son of Beant Singh, who was involved in the assassination of Indira Gandhi, contested from Faridkot and won,” he said. 

Advocating for the prime minister's leadership in facilitating "fast-track development in India” Singh expressed, "There is optimism that Modi's third term will bring stability and further economic development. The relationship between the United States and India would continue to improve."









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