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Yoga viable option for pain management finds study

The study was conducted by a team of distinguished researchers and experts in the field of mind-body medicine

Photo by kike vega / Unsplash

Yoga exhibits unique benefits as a pain management system, according to the findings of a research paper published by the US-based Chopra Foundation, founded by renowned author and well-being advocate Deepak Chopra.

The peer-reviewed paper, titled "Yoga and pain: A mind-body complex system", considers the interplay between different factors involved in pain and highlights the potential benefits of yoga for pain relief. According to the study, the ancient Indian art of Yoga has for centuries been used as a treatment for pain, especially chronic pain.

"Our team has worked tirelessly to uncover new insights into the complex systems involved in pain and to offer practical recommendations for incorporating yoga into pain management treatment plans," Chopra said terming the research a"significant scientific accomplishment."

He added that the findings of the research paper will help Yoga to be incorporated into treatment and pain management plans. As the paper blends the traditional art of yoga with modern day science, it has received praise from from the medical and scientific communities.

Describing the study as an innovative approach to the nature of pain management, co-author Ryan Castle said, "By recognizing the interplay between different factors involved in pain and by incorporating yoga into treatment plans, we can offer more effective care to patients and improve both the quality and duration of their lives."