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Welcoming the new President Of India

In Draupadi Murmu, India sees a multi-faceted personality who offers hope to the wide spectrum of society.

Incumbent President Ram Nath Kovind meets with the then Governor of Jharkhand Draupadi Murmu on July 27, 2019. Source: Twitter/@rashtrapatibhvn

The process is over and it is now official. The 15th President of India is Draupadi Murmu, only the second woman to occupy the highest constitutional post of the country but the first lady to bring with her the rich heritage of tribals. She will take the oath office on July 25, a day after her predecessor Mr. Ram Nath Kovind leaves the Rashtrapathi Bhavan after a term of five years.

From the very beginning it was clear that Murmu had the solid numbers behind her to ensure victory given the fact that the BJP led National Democratic Alliance had the requisite number of Members of Parliament and Members of the Legislative Assembly. In spite of the odds the political opposition did put up the candidacy of Yashwant Sinha, a person of political standing and a former finance minister. Still the fact that Murmu, at the end of the day, had the votes of even some in the opposition speaks volumes of the candidacy.

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