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Viraj Patel honored with Student Teaching Award

“It’s amazing to receive recognition for teaching a subject that means so much to me," Patel remarked.

Viraj Patel (Image - Illinois state University

The School of Communication at Illinois State University honored Viraj Patel, a doctoral student, with the Outstanding University Graduate Student Teaching Award for his professional commitment and skills. The University honors graduate teaching assistants who consistently pursue excellence  at Doctoral Level 1.

According to the University, Patel has instructed COMs (Communication as Critical Inquiry) 111 and 110. "As he enjoys public speaking and feels a sense of satisfaction while helping students succeed, COM 110 is his favorite class," the news release stated.

“Public speaking is so overwhelming, so I really like seeing those ‘a ha’ moments in students when they realize they can do this and that it isn’t as scary as they thought it would be,” said Patel in a statement released by the University.

According to him, the motivation to teach has aided him in his time as an instructor. “The great teachers I have had in the past inspire me, they have helped me to think better, be a better member of society, and they showed me that through teaching we can all collectively learn and help others learn to be better people and better citizens in society,” he said.