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US restaurant charges over US $1400 for a dosa billed as a ‘Naked Crepe’; netizens outraged

The pricing further perplexed netizens, who were already astounded by the names.

Photo by Anil Sharma / Unsplash

Internet users were astounded by an Indian restaurant's menu in America. After the traditional names of idli and dosa were given a new name, a South Indian restaurant in the US called the Indian Crepe Co. was heavily criticised by people on Twitter.

In addition to the names of the dishes, the prices that were charged also attracted notice. The restaurant's menu refers to the traditional South Indian dish, Dosa, as a ‘Naked Crepe'; Sambhar Vada as ‘Dunked Doughnut Delight’ and Masala Dosa as ‘Smashed Potato Crepe.' The well-known Indian breakfast dish Idli was also renamed 'Dunked Rice Cake Delight'.

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