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US Deputy Secretary praises Indian-American contribution to American Life

Deputy Secretary of Commerce stated that Indian Americans were central to the story of US-India relationship

Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Don Graves. Image-Twitter/ Don Groves

Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Don Graves acknowledged the Indian-American contributions to American life and highlighted the strength of the US-India trade and commerce relationship in diverse sectors during his address at the India Caucus's US-India Summit on the Capitol Hill in Washington DC on April 26, 2023.

Speaking at a session on the strategic relationship between US and India, Graves said, “Central to the common history of the US and India is the story of Indian Americans. A quintessential American story of reinvention, renewal, ingenuity and grit.”

“Indian-Americans represent one of the largest immigrant communities in the US and continue to make tremendous contributions to all aspects of American life to business and industry, to academia and public education to science and technology, arts and culture, government and military service,” he added.

Regarding the multidimensional relationship between two countries, Graves stressed that the relationship is one of the most consequential relationships, built on more than 75 years of diplomatic ties between the world's oldest democracy and the world's largest democracy.

On the trade outlook between the two countries, he stated that the total US- India trade and goods and services reached about US$192 billion in 2022, nearly triple of what it was 15 years ago.  He added “This year, the US became India's largest trading partner. India is the source of 14 nearly 14 and a half billion dollars in foreign direct investment into the US in 2021, creating more than 70,000 jobs here in the country.”

The Deputy Secretary of Commerce also underlined listed trade and commerce linkages at the leadership level of both countries and mentioned the historical Boeing and Air India deal and semiconductor supply chain initiative between the two sides.

He lauded Prime Minister Modi’s government initiatives on regulation standards and trade practices that are more attractive to foreign investors, especially from the US.