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Indian origin doctor saves man’s life twice onboard flight

The liver doctor, who had never treated a cardiac arrest case before, managed to keep the patient alive for five hours until the flight made an emergency landing in Mumbai.

Image - University Hospitals Birmingham

An Indian origin doctor Vishwaraj Vemala recently made headlines for miraculously saving a 43-year-old man who suffered two cardiac arrests during a ten-hour long flight from UK to Bangalore.

Vemala, who works as a consultant hepatologist at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, first resuscitated the passenger after hearing the flight attendants’ call for a doctor after he went into cardiac arrest and collapsed mid-flight.

In a detailed account of the incident published by the UK hospital, Vemala said, "It took about an hour of resuscitation before I was able to get him back. During this time, I asked the cabin crew on board if they had any medication. Luckily, they had an emergency kit, which to my utter surprise, included resuscitative medication to enable life support."

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