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All decked up for Diwali & Bhai Dooj? Here’s the timings

If you are wondering about the auspicious timings, here’s a lowdown.

All decked up for Diwali & Bhai Dooj? Here’s the timings (Picture credit:

The vibrant Indian festival of Diwali is here and desis all over the world are gearing up with fireworks, lights & sweets. Celebrated in autumn each year, Diwali stems from the legend of God-king Ram. As per scriptures, after Ravana abducted his wife Sita with the aim to forcefully marry her, Ram defeated him in a battle, the conclusion of which is celebrated as Dussehra. His return to his kingdom, Ayodhya, later is rejoiced as Diwali. Happily, Diwali does not come alone but with a list of smaller festivals just before or after.

October 22: Dhanteras or Dhan Trayodashi

A customer purchasing jewelry at PP Jewellers by Pawan Gupta store, South Extension New Delhi on the occasion of auspicious 'Dhanteras' on November 2, 2021. Photograph: Rajeev Bhatt

As per Panchang, the Dhanteras puja muhurat is from 07:00 pm to 08:17 pm on October 22. People worship the Goddess of wealth – Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kubera on this day and buy new things. Sales of gold, silver, utensils and electronic items shoot up on this day as these items are included in puja rituals as well.

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