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UK’s Indian diaspora outperforms Britons in education, jobs, home ownership

34 per cent of professional jobs in the UK was found to have people from Indian ethnicity.

Indian diaspora in the UK. Image - Twitter @HCI_London

The Indian Diaspora in the U.K. performed better than the British nationals in education and has one of the highest percentages of working professionals, the latest release of data from the 2021 census revealed.

According to the figures, Indians along with the Chinese community have the highest levels of education and the highest proportion of professionals among all ethnic groups in the UK. "More than half (52 per cent) of people in the “Indian” ethnic group had a higher-level qualification (level 4 and above)," the census found.

At least 34 per cent of professional jobs had people from Indian and Chinese ethnic groups, the highest recorded by the census. These professions included doctors, teachers and lawyers. Indian people working as managers, directors or senior officials accounted for 13 per cent equal to the White Britsh population.

In the area of homeownership the Indian ethnic group took the top spot (71 per cent) followed by white British at 68 per cent. "Around 63 per cent of individuals answering the census lived in a home that was owned by someone at that address. Home ownership was most common for people who identified as Indian," the Census said.

Participants of the study were also asked to rank their health on a scale of "very good" to "very bad" for the census. Around 48 per cent of the general population reported having "very good" health, while 1.2 per cent reported having "very bad" health. The poorest health was seen in white Irish and white gipsy populations.