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UK-based firm to build India's tallest building in Mumbai

The skyscraper will house hospitals, apartments, gyms, movie theaters, and more.

UK-based firm to build India's tallest building in Mumbai. (Image: Samson / Unsplash)

A UK-based company named SRAM & MRAM Group has announced that it will construct the tallest tower of India in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company has made plans to construct a 110-floor multistorey building with a range of  institutions in Mumbai's Parel-Sewri neighborhood.

"The first-of-the-kind Mumbai skyscraper, a 110 floor multi purpose building housing offices, shops, a mall, a 50-key hotel, a 50-bed specialty hospital, serviced apartments, a gymnasium, heated swimming pools, recreation centre, a 50-seater movie theatre and a banquet hall will soon become a reality", SRAM & MRAM Group, UK said in a statement.

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