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Treat all education seriously

The central and the state governments must also be asking a larger question: can a focus only on higher education prove counter-productive to a large society like India? Has sufficient attention been paid to education at schools level and that too in government school

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In the academic corridors of India today there is a debate on whether or not foreign higher educational institutions of excellence should be allowed to come into the country to impart and share knowledge. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has talked about the broad parameters of allowing foreign institutions, the finer details of which are to be worked out in the coming weeks and months. It is not as if there is a huge line outside the India door as many reputed institutions would want to know the finer details and make sure of the playing field before taking the plunge. And dollars and cents are not the only things at play here.

Some may argue that the UGC’s decision to throw open, albeit with conditions, India’s education to coveted international academic institutions is a step in the right direction, for among other things here is the opportunity for India’s youth to get the best without having to over-stretch resources to the point of putting families in the poor house. And then there are those who will make the point that irrespective of the internationalization of domestic education, there still will be those thousands of youngsters lining up outside foreign embassies and consulates looking for a student visa.

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