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Throwing out the scale

Love yourself, then work on yourself. Start with your mental weight gain writes Nupur Vyas, an Indian American mother.

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A woman is cheated on by her husband. She is devastated. She hears that there’s a wise monk who lives up in a mountain, so she decides to consult him.

After a few days of traveling she reaches the top and meets the wise monk. “I spent my whole life with him, my youth was dedicated to supporting him, taking care of him; and now he has left me for another woman. My life is stolen, and I’m left with nothing. I don’t know what to do”.

The monk gives her a cookie and asks her to eat it. After she finishes eating, he asks: “Was the cookie delicious?”

“Yes” she answers.

“Do you want another one”


The monk looks her in the eye and says “Do you see the problem now?”

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