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The spiral of gun violence in America

According to data compiled by the Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit that tracks gun violence incidents across the country, 2022 is likely to be the second-highest year for mass shootings in the United States on record.

Memorial for Club Q victims in Colorado. Images - Wikipedia Commons 

It has been a shocking holiday season in the United States when people have routinely turned to only words to confront grief. In back-to-back shameful incidents, lone gunmen have gone on a rampage killing innocent people for reasons best described as hate crimes or still being determined. Just days after a man unloaded his clip at a prominent LGBTQ bar in Colorado Springs killing at least six , a manager doing night duty at a major wholesale store in Virginia mowed down five of his colleagues. And suddenly senseless killings are back in the news, or at least for now.

Number of mass bottoms in the United States in 2022. Image by Gun violence archive

The sordid killings at schools, colleges, universities, establishments and streets of America bring to the fore the question of gun control or in the inability of authorities to come to terms with a problem that has come to unfortunately define the most troublesome aspect of a developed society and country. And the occasional determination of law makers to come to terms with this saga of unending violence comes the exasperation of the ability to not being able to move forward on account of vested interests and those self-styled constitutionalists taking cover under the Second Amendment. And in the meantime the mayhem continues.

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