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The Kerala Story… Understanding the meaning of the movie

The film's subject was hidden from the masses and deserved to be told : Profucer Vipul Shah

Image - Twitter/@SudiptoSENtlm

The Kerala Story, a national blockbuster is set to create an 'Impact' worldwide on 12th May, 2023 when the movie will be released worldwide and over 200 screens in US and Canada. At a Meet and Greet Virtual press conference as attested in the Impact Meet and Greet virtual press conference organised by Priya Samant, Impact Advisor of the film, co-ordinated and moderated by Vijay Pallod, community leader from Texas, more than 20 media outlets based in the United States participated.

"Impact Advising is the gap between the global audience and the Director's vision of the film.  Simply put the essence of understanding a subject or cause of a film, bringing it to the larger audience and then spreading that message of the idea in action, is what impact Advising all about," said Priya Samant, as she introduced the panel.

"The country was in denial of the long existing issue in the state of Kerala. The Kerala Story, is a mission which is beyond the creative boundaries of cinema, a movement that should reach the masses all over the world and raise awareness", Sudipto Sen, the director, said in his opening statement,

"The film's subject was hidden from the masses and deserved to be told. We made the film in order to initiate a deliberation worldwide,” said the producer of the film, Vipul Shah. The story is of 3 girls and more who were converted to Islam and landed up joining ISIS.

Asked about the need for Impact Advising he said, "the film's subject is such that it is required to be shown worldwide and there's no one better than Priya Samant to get the word to reach each and every corner of the world" adding "This is a very bold, honest and true film which in the beginning got no support, today stands at the point of releasing worldwide with a spectacular box office success in just 6 days."

Adah Sharma, the film's leading lady, offered her opinion on the significance of both the story and the subject. The necessity to address and end such inhumane practises in society must be made clear to the public.

The overseas distributor of the film Ken Naz and his associate Raaj Rahhi provided a brief release schedule and Ken stressed the fact that having released so many films over the years how dear this film was to him as father of two daughters.