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The agonising wait for a Visa

Officials of the Biden administration have been painstakingly making the point that the long visa wait is a global one and not just pertaining to India.

Photo by ConvertKit / Unsplash

It is a problem that many in the Diaspora are quite familiar with—the wait for a visa to travel to a country for education,to meet friends and relatives or for a business purpose. And today media in India is with stories of long visa waits for appointments, sometimes in the excess of 800 days or looking at 2024 to travel to the United States. The issue has reached such proportions that the government of India has reached out to Washington at the highest levels.

It is indeed a two fold problem-- of people from India wanting to go to the United States for one valid reason or another; and for those in the United States wishing to visit India and then return with a valid visa “stamped”. The latter is especially true for those with high skilled visas like the H1B who are looking around for appointment dates at several American diplomatic outposts in India.

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