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Subodh Gupta’s pots and pans installations adorn Paris’ luxury store

The second floor of the store features one of Gupta's masterpieces, ‘The Proust Effect’, a suspended hut made entirely of alluminium vessels.

A suspended hut made of second hand pots, pans and plates. All images - Le Bon Marché /Website and Facebook

Large artistic installations made of commonly used kitchen utensils are currently displayed in Paris’ luxury departmental store Le Bon Marché. Called Sangam, the exhibition's magnificent sculptures are created by renowned Indian artist Subodh Gupta for the store’s “January Carte Blanche” event.

Contemporary artist Subodh Gupta.

Gupta, who often incorporates everyday utensils in his installations says that it reminds him of his roots and essentially pays homage to his love for cooking. “Cooking has been part of my artistic practice for years. Pans are found in many of my works. It reminds those who see them of their home, their roots, their childhood,” he said in a statement released by the store.

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