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Srivatsan Kidambi named NSRI fellow

Kidambi's lab has three patents in the works demonstrating the translational viability of the platforms developed in his lab.

Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska, Srivatsan Kidambi. Image -LinkedIn/Srivatsan Kidamb

Indian-American medical academician, Srivatsan Kidambi has been selected as a National Strategic Research Institute (NSRI) fellow to contribute to the national security missions of the Department of Defense and other federal agencies, in April 2023.

Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska, Kidambi is among a cohort of 21 fellows joining the University of Nebraska affiliated NSRI designated by the Department of Defense and sponsored by U.S. Strategic Command.

University of Madrasa alumnus, Kidambi has a diverse background and proven track record in the areas of tissue engineering, biomaterials, drug delivery, liver biology and neuroscience, according to his profile. He was selected for the University’s Emerging Innovator Award and as professor has trained and supervised many students, post-doctoral associates, and technicians.

Kidambi's research lab focuses on engineering liposome-based nano particles as drug delivery vehicles for miRNA and small drug molecule targeted delivery, his profile added.

To qualify for NSRI fellows, aspirants need to be nominated by their peers, confirmed by campus research offices and appointed by NSRI leadership.