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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to lead spiritual convention at San Jose

The event will enable participants to unlock intuition, gain access to a superpower, a profound wisdom, creativity, and understanding that transcends all experience.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar addressing a summit in Dubai. Image -Twitter/@SriSri

Renowned spiritual leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will lead a unique ‘Awaken your sixth sense’  program to enable thousands tap into their inner conscience and unlock knowledge, intuition and simplicity on May 7, 2023, at the San Jose Convention Center, The Art of Living Foundation announced.

A globally acknowledged humanitarian, Sri Sri is recognised as a leading light in contemporary meditation and for creating evidence-based techniques that activate lasting joy and peace in daily life.

According to the official announcement, the sessions at the convention will explore powerful techniques in an experiential and interactive setting. The participants derive benefits from enhanced creativity, sound decision making and improved mental and physical health.

The highlight of the programme includes directing wisdom to awaken the sixth sense, guided meditation, the key to better decision-making, discovering ways to access intuition, gaining greater awareness and clarity and learning practical tools to manage stress and improve physical well-being.

“There are three levels of knowing. The first is through our five senses. Higher than this is the intellectual knowledge. Beyond the five senses and the intellect is the knowledge that comes from the spirit,” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of the Art of Living Foundation said.

Meanwhile, the Art of Living Foundation will also be hosting a three-day World Culture Festival over a three-day celebration honouring humankind’s culture, diversity and unity in Washington DC from September 29 to October 1.