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Singapore to hire 180 doctors from India

A number of online users had already questioned the choice to "import" Indian doctors, some of whom had expressed concerns about false certification.

Photo by Piron Guillaume / Unsplash

Around 180 Indian doctors are said to be hired for work in Singapore over the next three years. Singapore has announced in a tender that it plans to hire 60 medical officers from India annually between 2022 and 2024, and there is also a chance for extending the plan to 2025. The tender is scheduled to finish on October 10.

According to MOH Holdings (MOHH), a corporation of Singapore's public healthcare institutions, Singapore has been hiring doctors from outside to help with the ‘heavy workload’ in their country and to fill its healthcare capacity needs. In confirming the tender, MOHH stated that it was seeking physicians not only from India but also from other nations, including Australia and the UK.

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