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SBI Foundation, Microsoft and American India Foundation to empower India's disabled

The organizations aim to transform the BFSI sector into a workplace that is inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities.

A Partnership between the SBI Foundation, Microsoft, and the American India Foundation (Image: Twitter/@NP_App)

In an effort to create a more inclusive society, the SBI Foundation, Microsoft, and the American India Foundation (AIF) jointly organised the fourth round of discussion on "Accessibility, Technology, and Career Paths for People with Disabilities" on February 24, 2023, as part of their joint initiative under Project SAMEIP.

The project launched by SBI Foundation and Microsoft India, aims to create a disability-friendly workplace in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) through collaboration with institutions like AIF.

According to a news release, over 26.8 million disabled people (PwDs) live in India and Even though 36 percent of them are employable, they face significant physical, psychological, and informational obstacles to find employment opportunities. Disabled women have greater rates of unemployment, economic inactivity, and inadequate social support.

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