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SANTOBA organizes seminar on "Make Bihar great" in NJ

The event's chief guest was Randhir Jaiswal, Indian Consulate General of New York.

SANTOBA organizes "Make Bihar great" seminar (Image - SANTOBA) 

A seminar was held on March 19 by the American organization Sainik School Tilaiya Old Boys Association (SANTOBA), on the theme "Make Bihar Great Again" in Edison, New Jersey's Roosevelt Park.

SANTOBA alumni is a network of former students from Sainik school, Tilaiya, which was founded in 1963, and will turn 60 this year. The event was planned to mark the diamond anniversary of the founding of the school.

More than 60 prominent people from Bihar and Jharkhand attended the event, which also featured alumni networks from public engineering institutes in both states as well as several luminaries. The event's main guest was Randhir Jaiswal, Indian Consulate General of New York. Addressing the seminar he encouraged and congratulated the event organizers and participants.

Speakers presenting during the seminar (Image - SANTOBA)

In order to have a greater impact and a wider horizon for development in the State of Bihar and Jharkhand, he urged the community to collaborate with each Alumni network. He commended the efforts of BIT, NOBA, SANTOBA, and other networks.

To enable organizations working for the development of Bihar to have a better impact, Anil Kumar Sharma from SANTOBA USA welcomed all participants from NOBA, BIT Sindari, Mesra, Hazaribagh, MIT, BJANA, Bihar Foundation, Ish Yog, VanyaPrastha, and DHUN.

Participants presented their work using a projector, slides, and questions and answers.

Sunit and Braj Kishore, who were SANTOBA's representatives, spoke to the group about the company's social and other activities.

Veteran of the Indian army Shiv Singh, owner of Vanyaprashtha and Santan Sanstha, showcased his work and invited them to his yagya.

Several individuals joined the gathering virtually and it was mutually agreed that similar meetings should be held to improve communication and collaboration among those working on  ground for Bihar.