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Samsung to facilitate Indian Tech Startups market innovative ideas

Samsung will provide the winning project ideas with up to US$50,000 in grant funds, limited technical and project support, and loan devices for a period of six months to facilitate the development of the ideas.

(Image: samsung)

The Samsung R&D Institutes in Bangalore (SRI-B) and Noida (SRI-N) jointly launched the Startup Incubation Program 2023 on February 6,2023 to facilitate technology startups bring innovative ideas to the market.

The firm will offer a US$50000 grant as part of the Samsung Mobile Advance (SMA) 2023 Startup Incubation Program to startups that come up with proof-of-concept projects that are specifically tailored to Samsung Mobile technology. Ideas may be based on a variety of technologies, including camera, wearable, sensor, ESG, audio, and more.

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