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S.P. Hinduja passes away at 87

Srichand Hinduja, the chairman of the Hinduja Group, passed away at 87, leaving behind a legacy of global business success and philanthropy.

Late S.P. Hinduja; Image - Hinduja Group

Srichand Hinduja, chairman of the Hinduja Group, passed away at 87 in London on May 17, 2023. Known as "SP," he was the leader of the conglomerate and had been unwell for some time. Along with his role as chairman of the Hinduja Group, SP also held chairmanships at the Hinduja Bank of Switzerland and the Hinduja Foundation.

In 1952, SP Hinduja, the eldest son of the late Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja, entered the family business, which revolved around his father's trading ventures in Iran. His father had established Iran as the hub for exporting carpets and dry fruits while importing textiles and tea from India. They would also carry out philanthropic activities in Mumbai. The Hinduja Group operated from Iran until 1979.

However, when the Islamic revolution occurred, SP and his family made the decision to relocate to London, which has since become the permanent headquarters of the group. It has established itself as a prominent conglomerate with a wide range of business interests, including trucks, lubricants, banking, and power plants. The collective net worth of the Hinduja brothers amounts to an impressive US$15.2 billion, securing a position at No. 8 on Forbes India's 100 Richest lists published in October 2022.

Mourning the loss, his family said, “He played a very important role alongside his brothers in building a strong relationship between his host country, the U.K., and his home country, India…His loss has left a huge void as the brothers have always been four bodies and one soul.”

Gopichand Hinduja, based in London, is expected to succeed as the next chairman of the Hinduja Group. His brothers, Prakash resides in Monaco, while Ashok oversees the group's Indian interests from Mumbai. The daughters of SP Hinduja, Shanu and Vinoo, paid tribute to their father, highlighting his significant contributions to promoting Indian culture on a global scale through his philanthropy and work.