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Rights body welcomes US resolution on 1971 B’desh genocide

In her hard-hitting report, Saha said that the Pakistani military and its Bangladeshi Islamist allies killed 1,111 Bengali intellectuals

File Photo: Human Rights Congress for Bangladeshi Minorities (HRCBM) executive director Priya Saha along with other members protesting outside the White House in Washington DC . 52 years ago, on May 20 (1971), the Pakistani army carried out the largest single-day massacre in Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) with the active participation of some Bangladeshi-origin Islamists. Photos: Facebook HRCBM

The Human Rights Congress for Bangladeshi Minorities (HRCBM) welcomes the US Congressional resolution on Bangladesh Genocide by Pakistan in 1971. They also thanked Congressmen Steve Chabot (Ohio) and Ro Khanna (California) for highlighting how Pakistan carried out one of the worst genocides in the then East Pakistan. The resolution was introduced before the US Congress on October 14.

At a press conference in Washington DC, HRCBM executive director Priya Saha said Pakistani armed forces and their Bangladeshi Islamist allies -- Jamat-e-Islami, Al-Badar, Al Shams, and Razakaar militia – had brutally raped over 400,000 women, slaughtered approximately three million unarmed civilians, and forced nearly ten million people to leave the country and seek shelter in India.

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