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Restore respect for capitalism, Haley tells club for growth

Haley noted that the national debt which is at US$ 31 trillions now will be up by another US$ 20 trillions if the Biden administration is allowed to have its way

Image-Nikki Haley

Labelling herself as a decisive person, not one sitting on the sidelines hemming and hawing, and holding the Grand Old Party also to task for joining Democrats in taking away economic freedom the Indian American candidate for the Republican Party nomination in the November 2024 Presidential election Nikki Haley promised a return to not only a strong but also a proud America.

“Obviously, the socialist left hates economic freedom. But so do some of our fellow Republicans.They bad-mouth capitalism almost as much as Elizabeth Warren. You’ll never hear that from me.Just the opposite. Capitalism is one of the greatest forces for good in human history. I’ll never shy away from saying that.I intend to bring back a booming economy, just like I did in South Carolina. And I won’t just bring back a strong America. I’ll bring back a proud America, too”, Haley told the conservative Club for Growth in an address in Florida.

Calling herself as the person who is keen on bring back principles and values of America that has drifted into “ dangerous self loathing”, Haley argued people deserved a nation that believed in itself. “I’m the outsider who broke up the old guard in South Carolina, revitalized our economy, and made our state the “beast of the southeast”. I’m the ambassador who saw the dangers of socialism first hand and took the “kick me” sign off the back of the United States at the United Nations” she said.

“The Democratic Party is now a socialist party. Joe Biden is a socialist president. The proof is all around us. We’re living through an unprecedented expansion of the welfare state. Ninety million people on Medicaid… Forty-two million people on food stamps. Since the moment COVID hit, we’ve spent trillions paying people to sit on the couch. This president, and his party, apparently looked at the failing economies of Europe and said, “yea, let’s do that.” It’s un-American. And it doesn’t have to be this way” Haley said in prepared remarks to the gathering.

Haley noted that the national debt which is at US$ 31 trillions now will be up by another US$ 20 trillions if the Biden administration is allowed to have its way; but the problem is not just with Democrats and their leaders but also that of the GOP politicians and Congress.

“ It’s insane that Joe Biden has gotten a free pass for this socialist spending spree. But a big part of the reason is that Republicans haven’t held the line – or even upheld the conservative market principles they claim to support.I’m a big believer that you gotta be honest if you’re gonna solve problems. I also think problem-solving is more important than hurt feelings. Here’s the truth. Lots of Republican politicians love spending and wasting taxpayer money almost as much as Democrats.The last two Republican presidents added more than $10 trillion to the national debt. Think about that. A third of our debt happened under just two Republicans”, Haley said going on to take a swipe at the role of Congress in all this.

“ It’s not just our presidents. It’s Congress, too. Republicans got the ball rolling on the trillion-dollar pandemic blowouts, with all the bailouts and fraud and abuse that followed.In one bill alone, they spent $2.2 trillion dollars, and the vote was 419-6 in the house and 96-0 in the Senate. Don’t let the media tell you Republicans and Democrats can’t work together. They always seem to work just fine when they’re spending your money…If Republicans don’t stand for fiscal sanity and economic freedom, no one will” Haley remarked making the point that Democrats love it when Republicans want to spend tax payers money.