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Religion is for individuals, festival is for all: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Pandal hopping by enthusiastic Durga Puja revelers was back in sight in Bangladesh, especially capital Dhaka, after a break of two years due to Coronavirus

Revellers throng an illuminated Durga Puja pandal on the ocassion of Maha Ashtami at DOHS Baridhara area,Dhaka Cantonment in Bangladesh on Monday, Oct 03,2022. Photographs and Video: Joydeep Sanyal

According to Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad, this year Durga Puja is being celebrated at 32,168 mandaps across the country, including 241 in the national capital. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of Puja mandaps decreased slightly in the previous year, but this year the number increased. The number of puja mandaps was 32,118 across the country the previous year.

Believers throng a Durga Puja fair to buy religious books and puja material at the Dhakeshwari National Temple complex in Dhaka on the ocassion of Maha Ashtami in Bangladesh on Monday, Oct 03,2022. It is state-owned, giving it the distinction of being Bangladesh's 'National Temple'. The name "Dhakeshwari" means "Goddess of Dhaka". It is also the largest Hindu temple in Bangladesh.

The five-day celebration of Durga Puja in Bangladesh started on Saturday with the unveiling of the face of Goddess Durga.

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