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Raising an unnecessary pitch in an ongoing conflict

There is no doubt that Kyiv did all it could to assist India in bringing back some 18,000-odd students, mostly in medicine but also in other fields

Foreign minister of Ukraine Dymtro Kuleba (Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine)

In a needless and perhaps an intemperate statement the foreign minister of Ukraine Dymtro Kuleba made that every barrel of discounted oil that India is buying from Russian is tainted with Ukrainian blood, in a veiled but sharp attack on New Delhi’s continued buying of Russian crude and adding the “moral” weight of Kyiv to the sentiments in the United States and Europe on the subject.

“ When India purchases Russian crude oil [at a discount], they have to understand that the discount has to be paid by Ukrainian blood. Every barrel of Russian crude that India gets, has a good portion of Ukrainian blood in it. We are friendly and open to India. I supported the evacuation of Indian students. We expected more practical support from India to Ukraine,” Kuleba said in response to a question at a virtual press meet.

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