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Radford University museums to display Dalit art and mythology of Mithila

The exhibitions will be accompanied by an illustrated catalogue with scholarly essays as well as an inaugural symposium honoring Mithila's Dalit painters along with the Ethnic Arts Foundation.

Pieces from Le Coz's Mithila Dalit mythology exhibition. Credits -

The Radford University museums'  will be hosting two joint exhibitions, “Martine le Coz: A French Homage to the Ancient Myths and Contemporary Artists of Mithila, India” and “Raja Salhesh’s Garden” opening on September 14 and October 13 respectively.

The two exhibitions will be the world’s first to focus on Dalit (formerly known as untouchables in India) art and artistry of Mithila, a region in Bihar, India famous for its ancient, traditional arts and culture.

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