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Punjab to draft new NRI policy; fast track courts and nodal officers will address property and marriage disputes

An exclusive interview with Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal, the State Minister for NRI affairs by Sumit Pande

The Punjabi Aam Aadmi Party government is finalizing a new policy for the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) from the state who reside abroad. Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal, the State Minister for NRI affairs, discusses with interviewer Sumit Pande the policy framework to address a variety of difficulties encountered by the diaspora, such as property and marital disputes.

When asked about what issues are going to be taken up in the policy framework, the Minister said, “I myself have been an NRI. I have lived in California for 13 years. NRIs feel their own state should be like the countries they are residing in. Why can’t Punjab be like America, Canada, Australia, or Europe? It is therefore important for us to take support of the NRI community in our endeavor to develop Punjab.”

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