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Presidential Medal of Valour to Indian-origin NYPD officer

A rookie officer, Sulan was promoted to the rank of detective in February 2022 after her bravely gunned down the man who shot his seniors at the crime scene

NYPD Detective Sumit Sulan (Image: Twitter/@NYPDnews)

US President Joe Biden honoured Indian-origin New York police officer Sumit Sulan with the Medal of Valour on May 17, 2023.  Sulan was one of the nine brave public safety officers bestowed with the highest award for 2021-2022. His seniors, Wilbert Mora and Jason Rivera were honoured posthumously.

Sulan along with his seniors, on the day of the incident were responding to a call from a distressed woman, whose son was threatening her and his brother. As Sulan was a rookie, officers Mora and Rivera engaged with the aggravated man, while Sulan stayed back with the victimized mother and son.

NYPD Detective Wilbert Mora's mother and sister, Detective Jason Rivera's widow, and Detective Sumit Sulan at the White House for the Presidential Medal of Valor ceremony (Image: Twitter/@RepEspaillat)

However, the aggressor opened fire and injured the two senior officers after which Sulan took charge and ensured the safety of the civilians on the scene. He struck down the gunman with his service weapon, bringing an end to the deadly episode just 45 seconds after it had begun. Officer Sulan was promoted to the rank of detective in February 2022. According to a tweet by Commission Sewell, he was presented with shield No. 332, “symbolizing three brothers from the 32nd Precinct."

Detective Sulan was recognized as one of the NYPD's Top Cops for his heroic actions (Image: Twitter/@NYPDnews)

"There’s no greater responsibility of government than to ensure the safety of the American people and those who serve and protect us all.  We’re incredibly proud of all of you, and I mean that. We’re going to have your back as long as we need to," Biden said while presenting the honors. “To the honorees, I don't know all of you, but I do know you. From small towns to big cities, you're cut from the same cloth. You run into danger when everyone runs away.” the President added.