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Pradeep Bhardwaj is High Sheriff of Wiltshire

Bhardwaj is the first person of Indian origin to be appointed to the role.

The swearing in ceremony of Pradeep Bhardwaj (Image - Twitter/@HCI-london) 

British Indian Pradeep Bhardwaj was appointed High Sheriff of Wiltshire, a county in the United Kingdom. He will replace the outgoing High Sheriff Ladu Lansdowne who served for the previous 12 months. The Office of High Sheriff is an independent non-political Royal appointment for a single year. ‌‌‌‌

Pradeep Bhardwaj the newly appointed High Sheriff of Wiltshire. Image - Twitter/@WiltsLieutenant

Commenting on his new role, Bhardwaj said: “It’s a feeling of immense gratitude and very humbling to say the least. It gives you time to reflect on the good things and be thankful you have this opportunity to bring about a positive change.”

“We have a lot of communities who are doing some wonderful things and I hope I can be a bridge between the communities so they are working together rather than in isolation – and also more broadly, a bridge between the public, private and third sector.”‌‌

Bhardwaj has an established career in telecoms and is a prominent member of the local Hindu community. He was instrumental in establishing Wiltshire's first Hindu temple in Swindon and made significant efforts to find a new home for the temple after it was forced to be shut down as a result of several break-ins.‌‌

"Our perseverance prevailed and through our sheer determination and doggedness we have managed to create this equally welcoming place,” he said about the incident. “People are very enthused now and it has brought a lot of new people into the fold, so we have to look at the positives.” ‌‌

An award-winning industry expert in the mobile industry, Bhardwaj currently works at Syniverse, a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group. He has expertise in leading-edge technologies like 5G, and is credited for launching public internet for the first time in India and its first public Email service.