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India Philanthropy Alliance Starts countdown for First India Giving Day

For their activities in India in 2021, the 26 U.S.-based nonprofit organisations with an India-focused mission raised over $150 million in total. Through India Giving Day, they hope to increase the amount of money they raise.

Philanthropy Alliance Starts countdown for First India Giving Day (Twitter/@phil_india)

India Giving Day, slated for March 2, 2023 is by the India Philanthropy Alliance [IPA], a group of 16 of the top American non-profits. It intends to aid India in achieving its humanitarian and development objectives. This new annual campaign will emphasise and remember the contributions that Americans, particularly Indian Americans, have made to India.

There are over 3.5 million Indian-born people living in the United States, 1.9 million of whom are first-generation immigrants. According to a report by Indiaspora and consulting firm Dalberg, the Indian diaspora in the U.S. is anticipated to expand its charitable contributions to all causes by US$2 billion in the upcoming years, which is equal to the amount the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation spends annually. The goal of India Giving Day is to increase the efficiency of charitable giving that benefits India.

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