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Pfizer suspends sale of 4 antibiotics in India

Pfizer suspends sale and distribution of its life-saving antibiotics in India due to manufacturing process deviation

Image - Pfizer website

American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has temporarily suspended the sale and distribution of its  antibiotics, Magnex,  Magnex Forte, Zosyn, and Magnamycin, that are used as life-saving injections, with immediate effect.

In a letter dated May 16, 2023,  Pfizer issued a alert asking  stockists, distributors, and hospitals,  to seize use and distribution of the injections, citing a “deviation in the manufacturing process.”

The antibiotics in question, Magnex, Magnex Forte, Magnamycin, and Zosyn are essential medications used to treat infections in critically ill patients, particularly those in intensive care units (ICUs). The manufacturer responsible for producing these antibiotics, Astral Steritech Private Limited, has reported certain deviations at its facility.

Pfizer suspended the sale, distribution, and supply of these products while the matter is being thoroughly investigated by the manufacturer. Doctors have alerted the public through social media, while the All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists has notified its members to suspend the sale, distribution, and use of these products until further notice.