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Pfizer appoints Meenakshi Nevatia as Managing Director

Nevatia is an experienced business executive with close to 30 years of experience.

Meenakshi Nevatia has been named as an Additional Director and Managing Director for a period of five years effective April 3, 2023 (Image: Twitter/@feedmileapp)

The Indian branch of US-based drugmaker, Pfizer Limited, has announced the appointment of  Meenakshi Nevatia as an additional director and managing director effective April 3, 2023 for a period of five years.

Nevatia will replace S. Sridhar who announced his retirement in August 2022. She is an experienced business executive with 30 years of experience working for prestigious firms like Mckinsey, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and recently, Stryker Corporation.

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