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People of Karnataka have spoken says IOC Of America

The Congress gained a huge victory in the Karnataka assembly elections after over 30 years in terms of both seats and vote share

Image -INC Karnataka 

Congratulating the people of Karnataka to have spoken out that “ enough is enough” the Indian Overseas Congress of USA has said that the real import of the recently concluded Assembly elections in the state was for political leaders to focus on real issues of ordinary people. “It is a great victory for all Karnataka's freedom and peace-loving people. Having experienced the chaos, conflicts, and instability due to the communal agenda administered by the BJP over the last five years, the people of Karnataka have spoken that enough is enough," said George Abraham, Vice-Chair of the Indian Overseas Congress, USA.

Staying within the parameters of most exit polls the Congress comfortably got the better of the ruling BJP in a tightly fought political contest with the outgoing Chief Minister handing in his resignation to the Governor as per set democratic norms. The political opposition in the country was keenly watching the outcome in Bengaluru keeping in mind the national parliamentary elections that are due in the country in 2024.

“People all over India are getting tired of the polarizing politics of the Modi administration, and they want the political leaders to focus on the real issues the ordinary people are facing in their everyday lives, such as inflation, unemployment especially among the youth, lack of housing and clean water and insufficient educational opportunities for the disadvantaged. That is the message Kannadigas are sending loud and clear through this election”, Abraham said in a statement.

“ Let me congratulate the solid local leadership in Karnataka of Siddaramaiah and D. K. Sivakumar for navigating the Congress party to this huge victory. It once again proves that the Congress party has been stronger whenever stronger state leaders guided it. Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra through Karnataka has undoubtedly paid its dividends” the IOC Vice Chair said adding that the victory “could be a turning point for the Congress party and may point to a more robust challenge to Modi's rule in the 2024 parliamentary election".