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Ontario to enhance immigration by 2025

The new federal agreement that facilitates skilled immigration will help fill jobs in skilled trades, technology and health care.

Photo by Jason Hafso / Unsplash

According to a deal struck with the federal government to expand the Immigrant Nominee Program, Ontario will double the number of economic immigrants it accepts.

The province will have more than 18,000 slots available under the programme in 2025, according to the announcement made today by the federal and provincial ministries of immigration.

When the province was permitted to bring in 9,000 immigrants under the programme in 2021, Ontario's Minister of Employment and Immigration Monte McNaughton had proposed doubling that number.

‌‌With the new agreement, Ontario will welcome 16,500 immigrants in 2023, more than 17,000 in 2024, and more than 18,000 in 2025, up from the program's initial cap of 9,750 immigrants in 2022.

‌‌"Today's announcement is a significant win for the people of Ontario and will help us control our economic destiny by selecting more of the skilled immigrants who we know are well-placed to succeed and build stronger communities for all of us,” said Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development.

‌‌The Ford administration claims that among the individuals hired through the allocation from the previous year were 3,900 skilled crafts workers, 2,200 software and IT professionals, 1,000 truck drivers, and more than 100 nurses and personal support staff. In particular, the number of healthcare employees, according to McNaughton, will alter significantly.

Federal Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said this year’s annual immigration levels plan is determined to address long term issues. He said, “As we remain focused on addressing the acute labor market shortages and building a strong economy into the future, one thing remains certain: immigration is a key part of the solution,” he said adding “As Canada’s flagship regional economic immigration program, the Provincial Nominee Program's increasing growth will support the long-term well-being of communities in Ontario."