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NYC City council celebrates Vaishakhi

Vaisakhi marks the birth of Sikhism as a collective faith. In 2023 it will be celebrated on April 14.

Images -New York City Council 

The New York City Council celebrated Sikh Heritage Month and Vaisakhi in the People’s House on April 6, 2023. Vaisakhi marks the birth of Sikhism as a collective faith. In 2023 it will take place on April 14.

According to the Sikh Coalition the City’s Sikh population was approximately 50,000 in 2007, while a representative with United Sikhs, a U.N. affiliated, international non-profit, humanitarian relief, education and advocacy organization headquartered in New York, estimated the number of Sikhs in the City at around 80,000 in 2010, with the largest concentration of them in Richmond Hill.

The event, which was attended by New York's Sikh community members, also commemorated April as Sikh Heritage Month. Council Woman Linda Lee and Councilman Jim Gennaro had introduced a resolution in City council to recognise Vaisakhi as a Public holiday in New York City Schools.

Speaking of the event Lee tweeted, "It was a wonderful evening at City Hall as we commemorated Sikh Heritage Month and the pillars of Vaisakhi with a night of culture & performances. We will always honor our Sikh neighbors and all of their contributions that continue to uplift communities all across New York City!"

"Sikh New Yorkers have contributed immensely to our city’s success and culture, and it was an honor to celebrate alongside our Sikh community," the council added in a statement.