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NRI Tanvee Vallem, youngest contestant in World Women's 9-Ball Championship

She is tutored by Roy Pastor, the chief instructor for the Break and Run Junior Instruction Program, a free online programme offered by the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) aimed largely at juniors.

Thanvee Vellam, Champion at various pool competitions. ( Image - Provided ) 

9-year-old Tanvee Vallem, a non-resident of India, will compete in the 2023 Kamui World Women's 9-Ball Championship, which will take place in New Jersey, USA from January 19–22. She will be the youngest person to have ever competed in a pool competition for the Women's World Championship.

She earned the nickname "Lilac Tiger" when she competed as the youngest player in the World Junior 9 Ball Championship in Puerto Rico in November 2022.

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