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Nihar Gala announces grant for healthcare students

The winner will be granted a total of $1,000 to pursue a successful career in the field

Photo by Online Marketing / Unsplash

Indian American physician, Nihar Gala, has established the Nihar Gala Grant for Healthcare Students to make a breakthrough in the healthcare industry.

Students who are enrolled in a recognized college or university, pursuing an education in pre-medicine, nursing, physical therapy, medical laboratory science, or any other allied health program are eligible to apply for the grant.

To apply for the grant, students must submit an essay of 1000 words or less addressing the prompt: “What is a national or global problem that concerns you, and how do you propose a solution?” The deadline for submitting the essays is July 15, 2023. The results will be announced on August 15.

Founder and CEO of Delaware-based Alpha Care Medical, a healthcare provider company, Gala is passionate about supporting the next generation of healthcare leaders who will shape the future of the industry. His specialization includes addiction medicine, pain management, and other areas of healthcare.

“With our grant program, we are proud to be offering students the opportunity to gain access to quality education and resources that will help them build a successful career in healthcare. We are committed to supporting the next generation of healthcare professionals and helping them become successful in their chosen field.” Gala said about the grant.

According to a news release, the winner will receive a total of $1,000 in scholarship funds. The funds have to be used toward expenses directly related to their foray into the healthcare industry, including but not limited to paying tuition and buying books.

“We hope that this grant opportunity will help students with an interest in healthcare continue their studies, become passionate advocates for their chosen field, and become leaders in health policy and research,” says the grant’s website.